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whatifididnt is on the lookout for life hackers to produce tactical guides and how-to's for the blog.

If you do something most would consider unusual or crazy, we want to hear from you. Produce a practical guide for whatifididnt and help hundreds of people improve their lives.

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By writing for us, you're reaching over 2,000 readers each month. Plus, you'll get a link back to your own site or project. We can't pay you, but we can promise your work will be read and appreciated.

How to Get Started

Send your topic ideas for pre-approval to ben@whatifidnt.com.

Or, if you've already written something you know we will love, feel free to send it over with a profile photo and a short author bio.

Publishing is not guaranteed. We review each post that comes in to decide whether it's the right fit for our blog. Either way, we will be in touch to let you know our decision so you may submit the article to another publication if it's not approved.